$1M Premises Liability
$1 Million Settlement This case arises from a premise liability accident. Client was at work and fell from the fence. Client sustained numerous injuries. Liability was heavy contested. We fought to obtain policy limits of $1 million.
$6M Motorcycle Accident
$6 Million Settlement Motorcyclist was cut off by a SUV. Serious injuries were caused and future care was required. Liability heavily disputed. We were able to show fault and get a large settlement for our client.
$600K Auto Accident
$600K Settlement Driver was hit on the freeway and suffered serious back and neck injuries. We recovered full policy limits from the insurance companies for our client.
$625K Wrongful Death
$625K Settlement Apartment complex failed to provide air conditioning in the heat of the summer. Father died from heat stroke. The apartment management blamed the family.
$350K Auto Accident
$350K Settlement Vehicle side-swiped on highway. Passenger suffered serious back injuries. Insurance companies fought liability and damages. We obtained full policy limit settlements.
$345K Motor Vehicle Accident
$350K Settlement Married couple traveling with right-of-way was hit by a semi-truck. Each had serious injuries and required emergency care. Insurance company for the semi-truck fought every step of the way. MDK forced insurance to settle before litigation.
$260K Auto Accident
$260K Settlement Driver cut off by left hand turner sustained back and neck injuries. Insurance company made a low settlement offer to client. But we were able to obtain full policy limit settlements.
$250K Ride-Share Assault
$250K Settlement Young woman assaulted by ride-share driver. She called the police and reported it to the company. Neither helped. Then she called MDK. We fought for her, filed suit and obtained a settlement before discovery even started.
$250K Auto Accident
$250K Settlement Passenger was hit by an oncoming vehicle and sustained serious injuries. Liability was disputed. Our attorneys worked to show fault of the responsible driver. The insurance company paid policy limits.
$235K Motor Vehicle Accident
$235K Settlement Pregnant driver rear-ended on freeway. Her car caught fire. She experienced significant injuries and fears for herself and unborn child. MDK secured a pre-trial settlement.
$225K Auto Accident
$225k Settlement Driver was rear-ended and caused significant back and neck injuries. Insurance company gave client the run around.