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Learning How To Find a Lawyer: 10 Steps

With more than 15,000 lawyers in Arizona, you might find it overwhelming to select just one to hire, and you may not be sure when circumstances merit an attorney. For average Americans, a lawyer or attorney is more of an abstract concept — something they know about but have little experience with. Therefore, when...
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Understanding Two Causes of Heat Death | MDK Law Group

Arizona summers are hot; there's no getting around it. For the past several years, it's only seemed to get hotter in the state. State and medical professionals urge all residents and visitors to the state to practice heat safety, especially when outdoors, warning of the risks of heat death. Unfortunately, while many people understand...
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Personal Injury Statute of Limitations in AZ | MDK Law Group

After an accident that causes you injury, the last thing you want to think about is dealing with insurance companies and paperwork. You may require a lot of healing time, or could be dealing with a debilitating condition. Unfortunately, while you are trying to manage your injuries, the bills are likely piling up, and...
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