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Accidents can happen at any time, whether you are in Mesa, Phoenix, Glendale, Chandler, or anywhere in the valley. If you have been in a car crash in Maricopa County, you deserve attorneys who understand what you’re going through. The experienced personal injury lawyers at MDK Law work to preserve your rights. Throughout your case, we work with you to ensure you receive compensation for injuries sustained due to someone else’s negligence or intentional act. Call (623) 225-5635 for a free consultation today.

Why Choose the MDK Law Group?

  • At MDK Law Group, we have extensive experience handling complex injury claims in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. Our lawyers know what it’s like to stand in a courtroom and talk to a jury about a client’s story.
  • Our team focuses on providing a client-centered approach to every case that we take. This means that we will treat clients like family. Additionally, we will always be available to answer questions or concerns individuals have while their case is ongoing.
  • MDK Law Group handles personal entry claims in Phoenix on a contingency fee basis, which means clients will not have to pay any legal fees until after we secure the compensation they are entitled to. If we do not win, our clients do not pay.

How Can An Arizona Personal Injury Attorney Help?

Insurance companies have claims adjusters that begin evaluating your claim quickly after the accident. They may contact you for a statement while you’re still in the hospital and offer a settlement before you have a chance to understand the extent of your injuries fully. Insurance representatives are friendly and make it seem like they are on your side, but their goal is to pay as little as possible.

Claims adjusters may take your statement and make it appear that you are at fault for the accident or undervalue your claim. They can use your own words against you in court to minimize the amount the insurance company has to pay. It’s important to talk to a personal injury attorney in Glendale, AZ before speaking with an insurance adjuster, either in person or on the phone, to ensure you are receiving fair compensation.

Insurance companies have teams of lawyers, ready to fight for them. By retaining an Arizona personal injury lawyer, you can level the playing field. Attorneys have the resources to get accident reports, video footage, and witness statements that can help your case. If your lawsuit goes to trial, they can utilize expert witnesses and gather additional evidence for your claim.

A Phoenix personal injury lawyer has a thorough understanding of the law. Working with a skilled attorney can help prove who had responsibility for your accident and ensure your settlement can cover the repair or replacement of your car, the medical care you need, and compensation for lost wages.

What Types of Cases Do Our Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

Personal injury law allows you to seek compensation for damages through a personal injury claim. Hiring civil attorneys experienced with your type of accident can help you obtain the maximum settlement for your injuries.


One of the most common types of personal injury cases in Phoenix, AZ, is car accidents that are often the result of human error. A crash could be due to speeding or distracted driving. Many accidents occur at intersections when drivers fail to stop at a red light or stop sign. This can result in a rear-end collision, T-bone crash, or head-on collision.


A beautiful day can become disastrous in the blink of an eye. Cars and trucks have frames, airbags, and other protective equipment that can help keep occupants safe. The lack of protection means the majority of motorcycle accidents result in severe injuries. Our Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers know that even when the motorcyclist follows the road rules, many drivers look but don’t see it coming, resulting in a collision.


Tractor-trailer trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when loaded. Stopping takes longer, and maneuvering is more challenging than a car in the best circumstances. Overloaded trucks, inexperienced drivers, and poorly maintained equipment are among the factors that may result in an accident with devastating consequences.


If a person loses a loved one due to the negligence or misconduct of others, there may be grounds for a wrongful death claim. This type of lawsuit seeks financial compensation for the family’s losses, including lost wages, emotional pain, lost companionship, and funeral expenses.


Failure to keep the property safe for visitors often results in premises liability. When a person sustains injuries on a property owned by another, they may file a lawsuit for damages. Situations that may end in a compensation claim include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Restaurant/Retail store liability
  • Dog bites
  • Negligent security or safety measures
  • Children on property

In situations that involve children, the property owner may owe a higher duty of care.


Injuries that leave victims with permanent damage and prevent them from performing gainful work are typically considered catastrophic injuries. They often result in physical damage to the spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries, which may be debilitating and have a long-term impact on a person’s functional capabilities. A settlement can help pay for medical expenses, ongoing medical care, medication, and devices necessary to enable the accident victim to function.

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How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth in Phoenix?

There is no set amount of compensation paid to personal injury victims if their claim is successful. Without fully examining the facts of your case, we cannot give you a solid answer about how much your personal injury claim in Phoenix is worth. However, we can tell you some of the factors that will go into compensation amounts. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Injury severity
  • How long it takes to recover
  • Whether or not you were able to work while recovering
  • The amount of household assistance you need
  • Property damage expenses
  • Calculable pain and suffering damages
  • Whether or not there was any shared fault

When our personal injury attorneys in Phoenix are working to help clients calculate total expected losses, we will enlist assistance from medical, economic, and financial experts who can evaluate these factors. These individuals can provide testimony to insurance carriers or to a personal injury jury.

Types of Compensation Available in a Phoenix Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury victims in Phoenix and throughout Arizona may be entitled to various types of compensation if another individual causes their injury. We work diligently at MDK Law Group to recover both economic and non-economic compensation on behalf of every client that we help. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Total coverage of all medical bills, including emergency expenses as well as all follow up medical visits
  • Coverage of physical therapy, rehabilitation, prescription medications, and medical devices
  • Property damage expenses for anything destroyed in the incident
  • Lost wages if a person cannot work while they recover from their injuries
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of quality of life damages

What To Do After an Injury

After sustaining an injury, there are various steps that a victim needs to take. This includes:

  • Seeking medical care. The most important aspect of a claim is ensuring you seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Any delay in medical care will give the insurance carrier a reason to scrutinize the claim more closely and ask about the delay. Additionally, it is important to continue medical treatment until given the all-clear by the doctor. 
  • Securing evidence. There will be various types of evidence that should be gathered and kept secure. This includes any evidence gathered at the scene of the incident (videos, witness contact info, photos, articles of clothing, etc.). You should keep any medical records and medical bills associated with the injury and treatment. 
  • Calling an attorney. A Phoenix personal injury lawyer should get involved as soon as possible so they can begin their investigation. Your lawyer is your advocate, and they will handle everything on your behalf, including the negotiations with insurance companies and at-fault parties. 

Determining Negligence in a Personal Injury Claim

Determining negligence after a personal injury in Phoenix can be difficult, which is why we strongly suggest that you seek legal assistance, at least an initial consultation. Negligence is a challenge to prove, even if the case seems cut and dry. A skilled lawyer will need to investigate the incident and work to recover as much evidence as possible. 

Importantly, an attorney will need to show that the defendant initially owed a duty of care to the plaintiff, meaning they had some sort of responsibility to act safely to prevent injuries. A lawyer will then need to show that the defendant breached the duty of care somehow, and this will look different depending on the type of injury claim at hand. The breach of duty is typically where it will be shown that the defendant was negligent. 

After showing that a breach of duty occurred, a lawyer will show how the breach caused the injury or injuries and that the plaintiff sustained some sort of monetary loss as a result. 

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What if You’re Partially Responsible for an Injury

One of the most common tactics used by insurance carriers and at-fault parties is to try and shift some or all of the blame onto the injury or property damage victim. They do this in order to limit how much money they have to pay out of their own pocket. However, shifting blame will only work if there is adequate proof to support this. 

Additionally, Arizona law operates under a “pure comparative negligence” system. This means that individuals can recover compensation even if they are up to 99% at fault for an incident. There will be an extensive investigation into each injury incident, and a person will receive reduced compensation based on their percentage of fault. For example, if a person is awarded $10,000 but is found to be 30% responsible for the incident because of their own negligence, they would receive 7,000 instead of the full $10,000.

Because of this shared fault law in Arizona, it is crucial for an injury victim to work with an attorney who can push back against any allegations of fault coming from the other parties involved.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Phoenix, Arizona?

Arizona has a statute of limitations that may affect any claim you make after an accident. You must file a Phoenix personal injury lawsuit within two years of the accident date. However, if you have an injury that didn’t present until long after the crash, the time may start on the date you discover the injury. As more time passes, weather can make evidence disappear, witnesses can forget details, and the cause of your injuries becomes harder to prove. The sooner you take action, the better the chance you have to reach an agreeable settlement.

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